Fees, rates and pricing

General Information

  • Some transactions are free while others attract fees as indicated in the fees structure below
  • All charges are payable from your MobileMoney wallet
  • Request for transactions that attract fees are authorised only if there is sufficient money in your MobileMoney wallet  to cover both the transaction and the fees
  • To manage your money safely there are transactional and daily limits on your wallet. You can increase or reduce these limits by contacting our Call Centre on 111 subject to some restrictions (refer to term & conditions clause 7).
  • Registration is free
  • No monthly service fees are charged


Transaction Point Services Transaction Limit (GH¢) Charges (GH¢)
At Merchant Registration   Free
Money Transfer(C2C)
More than 50 5%
Cash In Minimum of GHC 1 Free
Cash Out 1-50 0.50
Above 50 1%
On your Mobile Money Transfer (P2P) 1-50 0.50
More than 50
Money Transfer (A2C) 1-50 1.50
More than 50 3%
Airtime Top-up 1-100 Free
Bill Payment-ECG,Ghana Water N/A 0.50 Flat
Bill Payment-DStv N/A Free
Account Mgt Balance Enquiry N/A Free
Mini Statement